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chronic catnip


Andy – NY, NY
I just received my package of Chronic Catnip and my cat immediately punched me in my face, snatched the whole box, jumped head first through our living room plate glass window, stole my car, and gave me a brutal lawn job as it peeled out – never to be seen again! Thanks Chronic!

Mickey – Chicago, IL
The other day I was reading your website and my cat was peering over my shoulder. I decided against your product and bought some cheap catnip from my local chain store instead. The next day on the way to work I realized the brake lines on my car had been chewed apart! Needless to say, I will be placing a large order in the near future, you guys rock!

Eddie – Santa Rosa, CA
I was recently having a loud argument with my wife, insisting that we shouldn’t purchase any Chronic Catnip for our cat. The funny thing is…I think the cat heard me?  Anyway, later that day I made the unpleasant discovery that my work boots had been used as a litter box. Let me tell ya, I couldn’t get my credit card out fast enough! Keep up the good work fellas!